The Ambassador Press Kit



The Ambassador is a twin-stick shooter action game that showcases difficulty and reward. You play as Gregor, a family man on a huge quest. You awake in an unknown land without the company of your wife or kids. All you remember is their screams before they were taken from you. Armed with your growing arsenal fantasy style weapons, and a rare gift that allows you to slip in and out of time, you pursue their captor. 



Beautiful 2D Pixel Art

  • Beautiful environmental settings for warm and cold climates.
  • Four-directional animation for added depth.

Rewarding Gameplay

  • Features 60 levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The player is rewarded every level with a new weapon or armor.
  • Contains 7 intense boss fight for you die, learn, and repeat.

Fast Paced Action

  • Twin stick style controls with controller support on PC and Mac.
  • You have the ability to bend time to your will to evade or attack your enemies.
  • Call your thrown weapons back to you from a distance. 
  • New enemies are introduced every other level.

Endless Combinations

  • Contains 15 sets of armor, 15 magic weapons, and 30 traditional weapon that you throw like THE GOD THOR HIMSELF!!!
  • Change your load out whenever you want!

Dynamic Combat

  • Some enemies will by immune to your powers or use them against you.
  • Inclement weather forces to stay near sources of heat, regardless of your combat situation.
  • Bosses like throwing things, including tables, other enemies, and even you if you get too close!

About Us


Our names are Ryan Throw and TJ Acre and we make games. We started about five years ago in our college apartment and haven't stopped since. Our current Project is the Ambassador, a twin-stick shooter with the ability to pause time. 

Ryan currently resides in San Jose California and works as a software engineer. He likes cars and pizza. But not pizza in his car. That's not cool.

Tj currently resides in Chicago and works as a physics teacher. He knows a lot of things. These things aren't usually of any use but they are neat.


Dream Hack Demo Trailer

Screen Shots and Gifs

There are more screen shots and gifs in the zip than displayed here.