You awake in a land unknown to you. Your family... you had a family.. didn't you? You remember their faces, their screams, blocked out by thick purple smoke and stolen away from you. With only your new found powers you begin your quest to find them. 

 The Ambassador is a twin-stick shooter with the ability to pause time. You play through bite sized levels, unlocking new weapons and armor after every completion while also being challenged by new foes. The combat is quick and difficult, however the punishment for death is minimal and has you back in the action before your blood hits the ground. 

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About Us

Our names are Ryan Throw and TJ Acre and we make games. We started about five years ago in our college apartment and haven't stopped since. Our current Project is the Ambassador, a twin-stick shooter with the ability to pause time. 

Ryan currently resides in San Jose California and works as a software engineer. He likes cars and pizza. But not pizza in his car. That's not cool.

Tj currently resides in Chicago and works as a physics teacher. He knows a lot of things. These things aren't usually of any use but they are neat.

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